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Haynes Handmade Fusion-O BOFC14KLR

Handmade, 14K rose gold exterior fused to a 95% Silver/5% Platinum alloy interior, silver keys, tone holes, rings, ribs and posts, French (open hole), handcut Piedmont headjoint with 14k gold lip plate and riser, pointed key arms, silver soldered tone holes, white gold springs, .014” tubing, offset G, C# trill, B footjoint


Nagahara 950PT50BOCD-16KNR: Standard Model: Handmade, 950PT50 silver (95% Silver with 5% Platinum) handcut DA headjoint with sterling silver lip plate and 16K gold Nagahara extended riser, 950PT50 silver body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, French (open hole), Nagahara pinless mechanism, pointed key arms, 950 silver soldered tone holes, .016” tubing thickness, Wearless Mechanism Type II, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, Light base edition locking crown & cork assembly, B footjoint, Nagahara Scale, TRIAD V3 pads, A=442.


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Pearl PF-9841RBECD

"Gold Maesta" model - 14K rose gold handcut Vivace headjoint,14K rose gold body and footjoint, sterling silver keys, posts, ribs and rings, french (open hole), offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, D# roller, pointed key arms, pinless mechanism, soldered tone holes, white gold springs, 0.30mm tubing, B footjoint



Handmade, all sterling silver, French (open hole), offset G, C# trill, C#/D# rollers, handcut Type A headjoint, pointed key arms, gold springs, soldered tone holes, Straubinger pads, B footjoint, Type 7 body.


Yamaha craftsmen sought to create a handmade flute that allows the artist to freely express their musical ability and to enable the artist to encounter endless new musical ideas. A flute that moves the artist to explore colorful depictions of sound, from delicate shades to rich hues and powerful tunes. To empower the artist to perform with unhindered musicality, even when accompanied by a full orchestra, liberating musicians to expand their imagination. All possible because of the skill of master craftsmen and a design that offers unlimited musical options. Expand the scope of musical expression, inspired like never before to surpass the limits of conventional flutes. Musicians who love the flute should experience all that is possible.

Headjoint - The new Yamaha “Type A” headjoint enables the flutist to produce an easy yet colorful sound and still play using a wide dynamic range. The newly redesigned lip plate promotes efficient playing technique and provides optimal resistance when paired with the new Handmade flute body. The “Type A” headjoint has been praised by many players for its clear sound, which is distinctive even at pianissimo. The wall thickness is slightly increased from other headjoint models to improve the resonance of the headjoint and provide exceptional response when playing fortissimo, maximizing the tonal colors available for the performer.

Toneholes - The overall weight of the flute was slightly enhanced by increasing the thickness of the toneholes. Combined with the undercut design of the toneholes, the performer is enabled to play with a colorful sounds, optimal resonance, a wide dynamic range, and a high quality sound that is ideal for flutists in professional orchestras.

Flat Pad Cups - Flattened pad cups provide better stability than more traditional-style pad cups. Pad positions can be adjusted more easily and stabilized for a longer length of time when the pad is seated in a flat pad up. Because the pad is more stable, it is also able to respond more freely, creating a rich and desirable resonance.

Straubinger Pads - Straubinger pads, which are made using a stable plastic base and durable synthetic leather, have been widely adopted as essential components of a high quality handmade flute. Compared to traditional felt and paper pads that require frequent adjustments, Straubinger pads are more tolerant of environmental change and remain in top playing condition for a longer period of time. A Yamaha Handmade flute with Straubinger pads enables the player to achieve a clear response with a more mature, nuanced sound.

Pinless left-hand key system - The high F-F# key movement is improved and much smoother due to a newly developed and innovative pinless left-hand key system.

Acoustic Annealing - A special acoustic annealing process that allows for a more pure transmission of vibration from the player to the flute provides Yamaha Handmade flutes with a deep, mature sound and clear response.

Nagahara 10KBOCD: Standard Model: Handmade, 10K rose gold DA cut headjoint with 10K rose gold lip plate and 14K rose gold riser, 10K rose gold body and footjoint, silver mechanism, rings, ribs, and posts, soldered silver tone holes, French (open hole) keys, offset G, C# trill, pointed key arms, TRIAD V3 pads, pinless mechanism, .013” tubing thickness, 10K rose gold top/silver base Galway locking crown, B footjoint, A=442.

An absolutely amazing flute with deep, rich tone colors, a clear and focused sound and the warmth and brilliance of 10K gold. 

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Haynes Handmade 5% Gold STHBOFCD-14KR Heavy Wall:

Handmade, 95% Silver-5% Gold tubing, silver keys, french (open hole), handcut headjoint with 14k gold riser, pointed key arms, soldered tone holes, white gold springs, heavy wall (.018”) tubing, offset G C# trill, D# roller, B footjoint


Are you ready to see all of the lovely handmade flutes we brought back from the NFA Convention this year? They are available for trial and/or immediate purchase!

Thank you to Verne Q. Powell Flutes for sending this amazing Handmade Conservatory Silver Flute with offset G, C# trill key, D# roller and 14K lip plate with 14K gold riser to us! It just arrived today!

If you are interested in a trial of this flute or any of our other Powell flutes, please contact our instrument department today at (248) 855-0410 or flutes@fluteworld.com!

Now available at Flute World: Gemeinhardt 3OB-BLK

BLK Series: Black nickel plated NG1 headjoint with silver lip plate and riser, black nickel plated body and footjoint, silver plated keys, French (open hole), offset G, B footjoint

The BLK Series 3OB-BLK intermediate flute is modeled after the Gemeinhardt 3OB intermediate flute. It has their signature special black nickel-coated finish with silver-plated open-hole keys, and a solid silver lip and riser. It also comes with a B footjoint that offers the specifications many teachers recommend for a student ready to purchase their first step-up flute.

Pictures don’t do it justice!  Contact our instrument department today about trying out this gorgeous black nickel plated flute!

New Arrival!!!! Burkart BS16BOCD-14KR

"Professional" Series: All sterling silver, handcut M2 headjoint with 14K gold riser, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, .016" wall thickness, pointed key arms, G disc, white gold springs, drawn tone holes, French (open hole), Straubinger pads, B footjoint

Contact our instrument department today for more information about this wonderful flute! Currently available for trial and/or purchase! (248-855-0410; flutes@fluteworld.com